Antica Tradizione - Ground Can 8.8oz Can

Antica Tradizione - Ground Can 8.8oz Can

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Kimbo Antica Tradizione Ground Coffee 8.8oz Can

An unmistakable blend, obtained from Arabica and Robusta coffee, accurately selected and roasted. A balanced cup, with a medium body, it has hints of toasted bread and chocolate. It is characterized by a long-lasting bitter cocoa aftertaste. Its aroma recalls the typical tastes of its land of origins.

  • Blended and Roasted in Italy
  • Medium Roast with a Delicious Flavor in a typical Neapolitan Roasting
  • 8.8 oz Can

All The Warmth Of Naples In a Cup

Every sip of Kimbo is pure distilled Neapolitan talent, a calling card for a city where coffee is a ritual.

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