The Neapolitans

and coffee:

A very personal matter

It seems that the Neapolitans, from the beginning, have adopted coffee in their way of life.

In northern Europe, coffee has always been appreciated for its energy virtues, in Venice it was above all a fashion, in Naples, coffee is loved by instinct. Coffee for the Neapolitan is a pleasure for its own sake.

Everything can be renounced, says Oscar Wilde, except the superfluous.Eduardo De Filippo echoes him, who in 'These ghosts!' he says he can give up everything except his cup of coffee from the balcony.

The treasure of experience

If drinking coffee is pure pleasure, doing so is an art. And as in all the arts, personal talent matters a lot.

For centuries, coffee in Naples has been roasted in the family or on traditional walking carts.

Art is compared and like true art that shuns haste, coffee is a pleasure that requires time to be tasted: the famous Neapolitan roasting was born 'and later the' Neapolitan machine '

The founders

In the 1960s, the Rubino brothers seized the opportunity offered by the new packaging techniques. With the revolutionary vacuum can, you can bring the real coffee of the Neapolitan tradition everywhere.

With this objective, Cafè do Brasil SpA was born in 1963, today Kimbo SpA which soon became one of the most important European roasting companies.

Their coffee became famous throughout Italy and then in the world with the Kimbo brand. The coffee of the Neapolitan tradition is identified as the real coffee, the good coffee, also thanks to Kimbo and the Rubino family.

Kimbo SPA

Kimbo SpA is the company founded by the Rubino brothers in 1963, from which the same Kimbo brand was born, a name that evokes the exotic lands of origin of coffee beans. A few years later the Kosè brand was also created, a good and affordable product. In 2012 it expands into the bars of Sardinia thanks to the acquisition of the historic Cagliari company 'The golden cup'.

In 1994 it took second place in the retail sector of the Italian packaged coffee market, a position it still maintains today. The growing success is certainly due to rigorous loyalty, tradition and qualitative excellence, but also to the strong presence in communication and investments in corporate infrastructures.

 Proof of this is the plant in Melito di Napoli which extends over 40,000 square meters, where the updating of equipment and production processes is constant and always guarantees the achievement of the highest production standards in full compliance with environmental policies. Since 2009 Kimbo has also been at the forefront in integrated logistics, with the Kimbo-hub (18,000 m2) at the Nola interport.

Naples and coffee
The treasure
The founders
Kimbo SpA


Kimbo's mission is to spread Italian coffee around the world and make a quality product available on the national and foreign market, inspired by the Neapolitan tradition, authentically made in Italy, made with the most advanced technologies, respecting people and the environment. Working with commitment and passion to preserve and enhance the specificity of Italian espresso, interpreting the evolution of customs and taste to offer a product that is always current.



Being the reference for coffee lovers in Italy and around the world, interpreting its culture and current events has always been Kimbo's goal, expressing the uniqueness and tradition of Neapolitan espresso. The pleasure of making a coffee for everyone but not for everyone, dedicated to those who appreciate the richness of the nuances, the differences, the details, to those who pay due respect to every single coffee of the day.


The commitment

is coffee:

Ever since Kimbo existed, the Rubino brothers have always aimed for excellence, in the certainty that quality always rewards. Kimbo's commitment to quality begins in the coffee plantations: it is the quality of the raw materials, the plants and the technologies, the skilful blending, the traditional roasting, the ideal packaging to maintain all the characteristics that make Kimbo a unique coffee. And, above all, it is the quality of the people who work to guarantee all this.


The vocation

for coffee

If you want to make coffee your business, being born in Naples is an advantage: you have a very long experience and a unique tradition on your side. However, it is also a responsibility: these riches must not be betrayed, but put to good use, respected, made to grow. It is a personal commitment, shared by all the people who collaborate with us. It is much more than a business, it is a vocation.




Being able to understand, sometimes preceding, the evolution of taste and consumption opportunities is what transforms traditional quality into current experience and success. The people who work in the Research & Development sector are of fundamental importance in the growth of Kimbo, able to decline the traditional Kimbo quality in a complete range, able to satisfy the most diverse consumption occasions (home, office, bar) and preparation (mocha, espresso, single portion).




Being able to automate once artisanal (or artistic) processes, such as roasting and blending, was an achievement. But even here the human component is fundamental both to control the roasting process and to create blends by combining precious and very different qualities in an always ideal way, to keep Kimbo quality constant. The work is done by machines with cutting-edge technology, but it is still the experience and talent that drive the evolution.




The pleasure of coffee involves duties towards consumers, the environment, ourselves and our integrity. This is why Kimbo has always been committed to reducing the impact of the production process on the environment. The Melito plant, in fact, works in strict compliance with environmental policies (from waste disposal to energy saving), so much so that in 2007 it was awarded the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 Certification. The constant quality control of the entire production chain is certified also from the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Kimbo SpA's sensitivity and attention to environmental and sustainability issues is also expressed through the creation of the Kimbo Espresso Integrity product: each bean of the new blend comes exclusively from plantations certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

It has been for over fifty years

that we look to the future

In Kimbo's growth, the Research & Development sector has had a fundamental importance in order to decline the traditional Kimbo quality in a range capable of always keeping up with the needs of consumers.


France Boissons

Heineken France (France Boissons) is Kimbo's exclusive distributor in the Food service market in France. In recent years, Kimbo has become the third largest coffee brand in catering in France and the second largest Italian coffee company.


The collaboration between Kimbo and Unilever has given rise to the creation of some fresh innovations in the world of ice cream. In fact, with Kimbo coffee, in Algida he created the Kimbo Cup, the first 100% Arabica Kimbo coffee ice cream, which since summer 2014 has been distributed in 100,000 bars and has "put together" fans of both brands. Furthermore, since 2018, Kimbo-Algida have launched a new line of coffee ice creams intended for domestic consumption: the "Kimbo Cup", available in packs of 4 40g jars, and the "Kimbo Coffee Bon Bon" excellent to be enjoyed at the end. meal or any break during the day.

De Longhi

De Longhi, a world leader in the home appliance market, has chosen Kimbo as its main partner to promote its bean-to-cup machines around the world.


Autogrill, a world leader in the travel hospitality sector, has chosen Kimbo as its café for over 1500 locations across Europe. Kimbo has created a blend that perfectly meets the needs of the restaurant chain, a range of products that has met the preferences of consumers.

Atlantic Bar

Since 2016 Kimbo has been the coffee of the Esselunga bar sales points, Bar Atlantic, designed by the architect Vico Magistretti. The Atlantic Bars - over 80 in Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia, Tuscany, Liguria and Lazio - are today a consolidated reality of catering.